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Intelligence plus character that is the goal of true education

Er.Aviral Joshi

Welcome to BKIT, we epitomize the rational and the intuitive learning with ethics and the brilliant strategies. The young learners rise from Anonymity to renown and from Ignorance to an everlasting learning experience.

Anchoring “Academic Innovations” we pride our academic excellence and commitment to global outlook. As a center of modern education in the country. BKIT is dedicated to its mission of nurturing scholars who as intellectuals will contribute to social consciousness and society. Our success tale in future would be “Innovations, that Inspire” so students equip yourself with focus, persistence and a torpedo morale in this learning terrain. There is no right time, if it is, it is now.

Think of rising higher, survive on your mental strength, and maintain a sense of roundedness and humility because champions are made from a desire, dream and vision. Our ability to continue fulfilling our mission depends on the talent of our faculty, staff and importantly our students. I welcome you to become a part of BKIT and make sure that we give our best to make your dreams come true.