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The Department of Applied Sciences and Humanities is continuing with a mission of imparting teaching and promoting implementation of practical aspects of Applied Sciences and Humanities to build a solid foundation as part of the Engineering Education.

It is a known fact that the Department of Applied Sciences & Humanities in any Engineering College has the following two important responsibilities to undertake and execute efficiently: (1) Provide strong academic foundation to fresh minds; and (2) to control & manage their distracting tendencies.

The department is proud to have highly qualified, experienced and committed faculty, who are sincere, hardworking, responsible and caring.

The learned faculty members are deeply into all kind of R&D activities, which help them upgrading their knowledge and qualifications as well, in some cases. The department conducts regular seminars to provide the faculty opportunities to enhance their teaching skills &enrich existing expertise. To keep themselves abreast with latest developments in the subject and teaching methodology, the faculty regularly organizes/attends seminars, workshops, conferences and FDPs. Faculty members have presented research papers and posters in seminars and conferences and have also made the department proud by publishing research articles in National and International journals.

The faculty of the department is sufficiently trained to use a fine blend of traditional and modern interactive teaching methodology to ensure maximum learning gains on the part of students. All classrooms in the department are appropriately technology enabled to facilitate the faculty in their effort to optimize teaching-learning process. For courses like computer programming/mechanics, electrical/electronics, etc., the expert teachers from concerned engineering department are drawn to ensure that best reaches to the students. In short term, we provide to engineering departments our expertise to teach courses on mathematics, technical writing, human behavior, etc.

The best part of the department faculty is that we give each student our personal attention and care by monitoring their attendance & academic performance. We also conduct improvement classes through peer guided self-study methodology, tutorial classes and regular counseling. Question banks in all subjects have been developed for use at student level, which comprise of questions of different types and varying difficulty levels. We give home assignments and conduct quizzes, etc., regularly to give sufficient practice to students &prepare them well to perform better in the internal & external examinations.