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The Automobile Engineering course caters to train the students to design, develop, manufacture, and repair of automobiles.
The demand for automobile engineering is growing with the expansion of automobile industries and increasing demand for vehicle. With increasing concern for pollution and fuel efficiency, these engineers also set standard of qualities, for example making the vehicle Euro efficient.

The field of activity of a qualified engineer in automobile engineering contains development (construction, calculation and testing), priming of work, fabrication and observation of the functionality of vehicles for street and rails.
The automobile engineers develop car bodies and buildups with aggregates like engines, clutches, gears and steering.

They have to design according to the postulations of aerodynamics and stylistics, they have to construct and calculate according the postulations of functionality, safety, the dressing of resources and the economy.
Accordingly, the priority of the study of the automobile engineer relates to activities for development in body design, commercial and special vehicles or the design of motors and transmissions.

The students are exposed to various relevant topics like design of automobile components (both manual and computer aided), types of fuels used in automobiles with their property analysis, different types of energy losses in the vehicle, latest technology and standards used in engine design and manufacturing, air conditioning in the automobiles, dynamics of motor vehicles, vibration analysis, vehicle maintenance and auto electrical and electronics. Along with this, subjects such as strength of materials, manufacturing technology, fluid mechanics, heat transfer, industrial engineering and workshop technology are also taken care of. Hands on training is provided to the students in the specialized laboratories of vehicle maintenance, fuel and lubricant, I.C Engines, auto electrical and electronics, vehicle design etc. Softwares such as ProE, MATLAB and Solid Works are being taught on workstations for design and development of vehicles.

The Faculty members of the Department have been actively involved in Research and Development activities in the field of alternative fuels, heat transfer, new engine development, vibration analysis in vehicles etc.

Employment Opportunities:
Automobile engineering is a huge industry. There is great number of employment opportunities in the following fields:

  • Private national and multinational automobile companies
  • Service stations
  • Private transport companies
  • Defense services
  • Self employment by setting up automobile garage or maintenance workshops

Graduates of Automobile Engineering can seek employment opportunities in automobile firms like TVS Electronics, Auto-Infotronics, Delphi TVS, BOSCH, ARAI, NATRIP, Maruti, Hero, Atlas, Honda, Hyundai, Harley Davison and other core industries.

  • Mahindra and Mahindra
  • Ashok Leyland
  • TVS motors
  • Renault Nissan
  • TCS
  • ARAI
  • GMMCo
  • ICAT