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Students are the foundation of an educational institute but our learned gurus are our best assets. BKIT faculty is qualified and friendly professional PhDs and M.Techs from institutes like the IITs, NITs and from government colleges and universities.

The Faculty is always willing to guide the students and is specially trained to understand students’ psychology, analyze their problems and put across difficult-to-understand concepts with ease, thus making the students’ learning process smooth and easy. Continuous faculty development is the most important mission at BKIT. The Faculty not only has the strength & depth in their respective fields, but also has a very broad range of expertise. This gives us a distinctive profile that engineering students find advantageous.

By working closely with academics who are leaders in their field, students are encouraged to develop capabilities to face the competitive world outside. This requires considerable commitment, but brings great rewards - exhilarating intellectual satisfaction and a capability much sought after by employers in the industry and academia.