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Study and industrial tours are an integral part of every course. But in fine arts or the engineering department, every department organizes and conduct day trips or excursions to places related to their field of specialization. These educational tours to industry related places not only expose the students to the practicalities of their chosen subjects at an earlier stage but also prepare them for the future.

The industrial visit is considered one of the most tactical methods of teaching. It provides students with an opportunity to learn practically through interaction, working methods and employment practices. Visiting a company gives students a practical perspective on the world of work; it gives them exposure to current work practices as opposed to possibly theoretical knowledge being taught at college.

Involving the class at all stages of the industrial visit motivates the students and helps them take full advantage of all learning opportunities presented. It also brings a dimension to students' education, which they cannot gain in the classroom as well as helping to make connections between the different aspects of their educational experience.