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In Order to encourage and holistically groom students, various Clubs like Dramatic Club, Music Club, College Band, Hobby Club, Photography and Video Club have been instituted at BKIT. The College organizes various events round the year, to keep the session full of activities and events.

The institute provides ample opportunities for the holistic development of the students in the form of Co-Curricular and Extra Curricular activities that includes various celebrations, festivals, sports, as well as technical and cultural activities. There is an open air theatre inside the campus that has fully automated sound and music system and a large seminar hall, that are made use of for all the cultural as well as technical events.

Co-curricular activities at BKIT Kota:

  • Sports, both indoor and outdoor games
  • As a part of their curriculum, the Students are also sent for summer internships in the best companies or industries.
  • Seminars, International Conferences and special lectures are organized within the Campus.
  • Meditation and yoga is practiced by the students on a regular basis.
  • Cultural events are organized from time to time where every student is expected & encouraged to participate.
  • Special lectures are to discuss socially active and serious issues.
  • Lab Modeling.
  • Software development.
  • Inter college Dance and Music Competition organized within the Campus.
  • Dramatics Competition.
  • Art & Craft Exhibitions organized within the Campus.
  • Debate Competition.
  • Blood donation camps are also held within the Campus.
  • Tree plantation is also done here
  • Fresher’s day Celebration.
  • Teachers Day Celebration.
  • Engineers’ Day Celebration.
  • Sports week .
  • Cultural week.
  • Annual Fest.
  • Technical Fest.
  • Robotics Workshop.
  • Automaton Workshop.
  • Environment Day celebration .