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In the modern times, Games & Sports have gained tremendous popularity over the globe. The popularity of sports is still increasing at a rapid pace and this inspiring trend will be likely to continue in the future also. Sports have become an important social and cultural activity of modern world. It serves vital social and cultural functions like:

  • Sports help in the all round development of human personality.
  • Provides ample and healthy means of recreation and relaxation of human mind and body.
  • Provide opportunities for social interaction thereby fostering peace and understanding among different people, regions, nations, races and religions.
  • Perform preventive and curative functions for several diseases and ailments inflicting human body and mind.

With a view to develop the all round personality of the students, the BKIT emphasizes as much on sports as on academics. The BKIT encourages students to attain sporting excellence and provides all the necessary facilities and equipment to the students for maintaining physical fitness and good health.

The BKIT offers an extensive range of sports and fitness classes throughout the academic session. Qualified staff and trainers deliver programmes for all ages, tastes and abilities. There are coaches for all the games who groom the students and train them rigorously to compete at national level. All the games have equipment of high standards which is accessible to all the students.

The infrastructure has been designed with good facilities for sports as well as recreational activities. The BKIT has top sports facilities including the following:

Archery, Athletics, Boxing, Chess, Cross Country Race, Gymnastics, Handball, Hockey, Judo, Kabaddi, Kho – Kho, Power Lifting.

Cricket, Football, Basket Ball, Badminton, Volleyball matches are organized in the campus:

  • Table tennis facility.
  • Indoor Strengthening and Weight Training Gymnasiums.
  • Rassi Jump Girl.
  • Three leg race (Boys and Girls).
  • Tug of war.