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Civil Engineering is the study of land, transportation, water, energy, and sanitation systems, within a complex social, political, economic, and environmental context. It is about community service, development, and improvement.

The focus of the program is to involve the conception, planning, design, construction, and operation of facilities which is essential to modern life, ranging from drinking water and energy needs, transport system, urban development, and community planning.

A house is not constructed merely as a shelter; it is expected to create a happy environment inside as well as outside. The same is valid for buildings, education, health and entertainment. The creation of a desired environment inside as well as outside the building is the jobs of the Civil Engineer Cum Architect.

Without civil engineers, a society could not function: For they are the ones who build our buildings and highways, roads, bridges, dams, canals, ports and airports, and ensure that the houses we live in are structurally sound. Civil engineers also design the drains and the water treatment plants that bring running water into our homes.

The bachelor's degree program includes a solid foundation in the theory of civil engineering. Students are exposed to practical problems of civil engineering and their solutions in the classroom, lab, and field.

Aim of department is to graduate the students who are socially aware and interested in working with people to solve problems and meet challenges in the civil engineering domain of design, construction, research and management, in various disciplines such as transportation, environment, structures and hydropower energy and to make them confidently enter in the world of the civil engineering profession.

Civil Department has various labs namely: -

  1. Hydraulics & Hydraulic Machines Lab
  2. Road Materials Testing Laboratory
  3. Civil Engineering Materials Lab
  4. Engineering Geology Lab
  5. Building Drawing Lab
  6. Fluid Mechanics Lab
  7. Concrete Technology Lab
  8. Material Testing Lab
  9. Environmental Engineering Lab
  10. Computer Aided Building Design lab
  11. Structural Engineering Lab
  12. Surveying Lab
  13. Remote Sensing Lab